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From Service for Truth and Justice, Friday 15 January 1999, Blackfriars Church, Oxford - organised by the Local Chile Committee for Justice and the Association of Relatives of the Disappeared, UK branch.

"There is only silence and uncertainty."
Muriel Dockendorff Navarrete
Jacqueline Paulette Druilly Yuric
Marcelo Eduardo Salinas Eytel
Manuel Jesus Villalobos Diaz
Maria Isabel Juy Petersen
Jorge Eduardo Calderon Otaiza
Eduardo Alberto Gonzalez Galeno

David Silberman, General Manager of one of the world's largest copper mines

"The shadow of those events in Chile has followed me all my life. With the years we lost hope of getting justice..." (David Silberman's son)

Carlos Godoy - A Champion of Rural Medicine

"His wife and children waited at home that evening, and continued to wait for years and years."

Muriel Dockendorff Navarrete

"Do Pinochet and his government believe they are Gods, that they can take life when they feel like it and plunge a community into misery and terror? No, I cannot accept that and while I have life and the health to do so, I will continue to struggle against injustice."
(Translated from Spanish by

Cecilia Gabriela Castro

"The search for Cecilia Gabriela started immediately after her detention."
(Translated from Spanish by

Pinochet's Golden Exile, by Tito Tricot

"It rained bougainvillaeas on the night I was expelled from Chile, but I hope that the day the dictator is finally sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison, the sky will turn yellow with a thousand butterflies fluttering in the wind."


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