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Personal testimonies and accounts of human rights abuses

15.11.04 The Guardian 'I am a survivor of Villa Grimaldi'
21.3.01 The Guardian Where there's a wheel . 'Bibi Herrera, potter-poet who rebuilt her life after the Pinochet terror.'
16.12.00 The Guardian Chronicle of a death postponed . 'Marc Cooper, an American, was working for President Allende in 1973 when Pinochet seized power in a brutal coup. This is Cooper's account of that terrifying time and his flight to freedom.'
6.2.00 The Observer Pinochet thugs tortured British priest
31.1.00 The Guardian Life after death . 'The searing play Death and the Maiden examined the scars left by a brutal dictatorship after the restoration of democracy. As General Pinochet's return to Chile seems ever more likely, Duncan Campbell asks the tortured how they can bear to see their tormentors go unpunished.'
31.1.00 The Independent The executions for which general may never be held accountable
3.1.00 The New York Times Shadows of torment . 'Pinochet case reviving voices of the tortured'
19.10.99 Salon The end of a nightmare .'After her husband was killed in Chile's bloody coup, Joyce Horman thought the only justice would come from telling her story. Now she has reason to hope those responsible will be forced to face the truth.'
30.9.99 The Independent "They took me to a park, laid me across a bench and broke my arms." 'Marcela Pradenas was a victim of General Pinochet's brutal security forces. So why is she taking Britain to the Court of Human Rights?'
11.7.99 The Sunday Times 'Caravan of death' haunts Pinochet
16.6.99 The Guardian Children of exile . 'Civil wars may end, but the victims' suffering is passed down the generations. Diane Taylor hears one Chilean family's experience of a trauma that lasts for ever'
12.2.99 The Guardian Armed only with a camera . 'One of the greatest documentaries ever made is to be given a rare screening in Britain. John Pilger reveals how The Battle Of Chile records Pinochet's crimes against humanity'
12.2.99 The Guardian 'I didn't take time enough to cry' . 'Simon Hattenstone talks to the director who was locked up and tortured for making The Battle Of Chile'
22.1.99 The Daily Telegraph My crusade for justice, by Pinochet pursuer
17.1.99 The Observer Pinochet's men burnt my son - and I want justice . 'She watched her son die from burns inflicted by the Chilean army. Tomorrow she wants the General to pay for it'
15.1.99 The Guardian Personal account of life under General Pinochet . "Pinochet must pay for his crimes. It's a personal thing"
4.11.98 The Guardian Blood cries out . 'Pinochet's men did terrible things to me and my friends. How can we let him go free today?'
28.10.98 The Daily Telegraph I want justice - not revenge, says daughter of Allende
27.10.98 The Guardian One Chilean's story
26.10.98 BBC Online Briton William Beausire 'returns' to haunt Pinochet
26.10.98 BBC Online Spanish connection: Families demand justice
23.10.98 BBC Online Testimony: Detainee remembers Chile 1973
21.10.98 The Daily Telegraph Britons among those tortured under regime of terror
19.10.98 The Daily Telegraph Arrest 'should have been made sooner'
5.9.98 BBC Online 'They couldn't kill his songs'

Human rights reports

15.11.04 The Guardian Chile identifies 35,000 victims of Pinochet. 'Presidential commission brings forward new claims about torture.'
9.1.01 The Guardian Chilean army admits 120 thrown into sea. 'Disclosure adds to dossier against defiant Pinochet.'
27.9.99 BBC Online The 35 torture charges facing Pinochet
26.6.99 BBC Online Doctors say 200,000 tortured in Chile
26.6.99 BBC Online New allegations about Chile deaths
29.1.99 BBC Online Bolivians disappeared in Chile
24.1.99 BBC Online Chile hunts Pinochet torture evidence
21.11.98 The Daily Telegraph Tortured bodies of Pinochet foes found in Chile



21.12.04 BBC Online Pinochet 'mentally fit' for trial. 'Mr Guzman implied Mr Straw was either taken in by Gen Pinochet or had tired of the 18-month battle over the former dictator when he finally decided to release him without charge. "Mr Straw was fooled or he was 'practical'," Mr Guzman said, laughing.'
The Independent
Top Labour lawyer fined over breach
9.4.01 The Independent UK put pressure on Lockerbie judges, warns UN observer
13.3.01 The Guardian Straw plan to give up extradition role . 'In cases involving requests for extradition from outside the EU, Whitehall civil servants will take over the role of the home secretary at the beginning of the process but he will keep his final discretion in cases which have political implications.'
7.1.01 The Observer Secret UK deal freed Pinochet . 'A new book alleges the former dictator's release from Britain was brokered between Chile and Downing St.'
25.11.00 The Independent Expert witnesses 'pressured to change evidence'
5.3.00 The Observer Did the dictator dupe us? 'Andy McSmith reveals details of the medical tests that let the 'ailing' Pinochet return to Santiago, from where Jonathan Franklin reports on jubilation, and anger, at his arrival.'
3.3.00 The Independent Secret negotiations got the Home Secretary off the extradition hook . 'A deal to free General Pinochet was brokered as long ago as last August, according to campaigners from both camps.'
3.3.00 The Independent Pinochet takes flight amid accusations of betrayal and subterfuge
3.3.00 The Independent Spain rids itself of an embarrassment . 'Realpolitik finally prevailed over human rights considerations, to the relief of a conservative government that never wanted the general brought to Spain.'
3.3.00 The Independent Straw defends decision to let General Pinochet go home
3.3.00 The Times The Legacy: Judicial shadow over the dictators . 'Torture has now been firmly established as an international crime for which a former head of state can be tried, regardless of where the offences occurred.'
3.3.00 The Times Pinochet flies out a free man . 'Chile split between a hero's welcome and prosecution.'
2.3.00 BBC Online Straw's statement in full
2.3.00 BBC Online Pinochet set free
23.2.00 The Independent Pinochet must have new tests, Straw told
17.2.00 The Guardian Mental barriers to Pinochet standing trial . 'The following is an edited version of the findings of a medical examination of General Pinochet conducted at Northwick Park Hospital, London, on January 5, 2000, by Professor Sir John Grimley Evans, Dr MJ Denham and Professor Andrew Lees.'
17.2.00 The Independent Doctors support stroke claim, but leave questions
17.2.00 The Daily Telegraph Pinochet health report must go before a court, says Amnesty
16.2.00 The Independent Details of Pinochet medical report . 'The medical report on General Augusto Pinochet - translated back into English from extracts published in two Spanish newspapers.'
16.2.00 The Independent Straw ordered to release Pinochet medical reports
14.2.00 BBC Online Date set for Pinochet decision
13.2.00 The Observer Family flying to be with 'ailing' Pinochet
8.2.00 BBC Online Court agrees to full Pinochet hearing
8.2.00 The Guardian Report 'may stigmatise' Pinochet
1.2.00 The Independent Belgium starts new challenge to halt release of Pinochet
31.1.00 Chile Committee for Justice El País publishes secret Pinochet letters
31.1.00 BBC Online Pinochet appeal fails
27.1.00 The Guardian Belgium attacked for 'diatribe' over Pinochet
25.1.00 BBC Online Belgium begins Pinochet challenge
22.1.00 The Independent Straw gives Pinochet opponents more time
21.1.00 The Times Doctor questions Pinochet secrecy
19.1.00 The Independent Campaigners claim Pinochet could have been faking dementia
18.1.00 BBC Online Final plea from Pinochet opponents
18.1.00 The Guardian Judge's last ditch attempt in pursuit of Pinochet
18.1.00 The Independent CPS may take Straw to court over Pinochet
16.1.00 The Observer Pinochet: Straw may have misled MPs
16.1.00 The Sunday Times Chile plots high-speed exit for freed Pinochet
15.1.00 The Financial Times Spanish judge seeks new medical exam
13.1.00 The Guardian Precedent set by Britain offers little comfort to world's tyrants . 'Immunity Courts will not ignore human rights crimes'
13.1.00 The Guardian Extradition refused as 'unjust and oppressive'
13.1.00 The Times Angry Spanish ask to see medical report
12.1.00 BBC Online Home Office statement in full
12.1.00 The Times Pinochet to be released
6.1.00 The Times Pinochet undergoes extradition health test
3.12.99 BBC Online Pinochet judge bars human rights groups
10.11.99 The Daily Telegraph Spain likely to appeal if Straw frees Pinochet
6.11.99 The Daily Telegraph Pinochet should submit to new tests, says Straw
4.11.99 The Guardian UN urged to save vital archives of Pinochet's terror . 'Documents could hold key to prosecution of ex-dictator'
23.10.99 The Guardian Pinochet lawyers challenge ruling
23.10.99 The Financial Times The legal fight continues
23.10.99 The Daily Telegraph Pinochet's lawyers begin new court fight
16.10.99 The Guardian Chile makes Pinochet plea to Straw . 'Santiago requests repatriation of ex-dictator on grounds of his deteriorating health as country gains the strength to re-examine its past'
10.10.99 The Independent on Sunday Spain attempts to help Pinochet
9.10.99 The Independent Pinochet could hold up extradition for months
9.10.99 The Daily Telegraph Ruling meets terms of Euro convention
9.10.99 The Times Pinochet loses latest round in extradition fight
8.10.99 BBC Online Way cleared for Pinochet extradition
30.9.99 BBC Online Pinochet ruling in a week
28.9.99 The Daily Telegraph List of charges against Pinochet takes 16 minutes to be read
28.9.99 The Daily Telegraph The charges
26.9.99 The Independent on Sunday The man who is Pinochet's nemesis
25.9.99 The Financial Times General Pinochet weighs his options
25.9.99 The Times Pinochet case magistrate was Tory candidate
25.9.99 Remember-Chile Pinochet's official documents undermine his own defence
24.9.99 BBC Online Spanish court backs Pinochet arrest
24.9.99 The Daily Telegraph Straw could free Pinochet if he abandons appeal
22.9.99 The Guardian Going cold on it . Pinochet's London extradition hearing is about to start. But his Spanish pursuers are no longer so keen
15.9.99 BBC Online Pinochet dispute for world court
15.9.99 The Financial Times Pinochet arbitration rejected
12.9.99 The Sunday Telegraph Cook in secret talks on allowing Pinochet home
14.8.99 BBC Online Pinochet to fight on
14.8.99 The Independent Straw seeks advice on freedom for ailing pinochet
11.8.99 The Times Son says Pinochet case could move to Spain
10.8.99 The Daily Telegraph Pinochet son backs doctors' appeal for release
9.8.99 The Guardian Amnesty pushes for Britain to put Pinochet on trial
9.8.99 The Independent Pinochet may face UK trial, says CPS
8.8.99 BBC Online Pinochet could face UK trial
8.8.99 The Sunday Telegraph Now General Pinochet faces prosecution in Britain
8.8.99 The Sunday Telegraph Spain seeks escape route for Pinochet
7.8.99 The Times Spain lodges writ seeking to free Pinochet
6.8.99 BBC Online Outcry over call for Pinochet release
4.8.99 BBC Online Chile denies 'secret Pinochet deal'
4.8.99 The Guardian Spanish judge fights deal to let Pinochet off hook
3.8.99 BBC Online Spain 'cannot interfere in Pinochet case'
18.7.99 The Sunday Times Pinochet hires new legal team as fears grow
2.7.99 The Guardian French inquiry into Pinochet
18.6.99 BBC Online Pinochet faces new charges
12.6.99 The Times Pinochet takes extradition fight to Spanish courts
11.6.99 The Guardian Italians may try absent Pinochet
7.6.99 BBC Online Pinochet lawyers accept Straw ruling
5.6.99 The Guardian Pinochet faces delay in extradition case
5.6.99 The Daily Telegraph Pinochet will face 36 new charges
4.6.99 BBC Online Pinochet hearing date set
28.5.99 The Guardian Pinochet fails in latest bid to fight off extradition
27.5.99 BBC Online Pinochet challenge rejected
18.5.99 BBC Online Pinochet 'should not have had immunity' 
9.5.99 The Sunday Telegraph Spain may drop bid to extradite General Pinochet
7.5.99 The Times Pinochet team challenges Straw's ruling
30.4.99 The Guardian Pinochet lawyers to challenge extradition ruling
23.4.99 BBC Online Chile seeks arbitration on Pinochet case
16.4.99 The Guardian Garzon submits new claims of torture against ex-dictator
16.4.99 The Daily Telegraph Text of the Home Secretary's letter
15.4.99 BBC Online Freedom for Pinochet blocked
10.4.99 The Daily Telegraph Pinochet 'victim died in a brawl'
8.4.99 The Daily Telegraph Pinochet may face 11 more charges
1.4.99 The Daily Telegraph Pinochet may face torture trial in Britain
29.3.99 BBC Online Straw set Pinochet deadline
28.3.99 The Sunday Times Pinochet faces evidence of Madrid murder plot
27.3.99 The Guardian New cases brought against Pinochet
26.3.99 Summary by Remember-Chile Spanish magistrate brings more cases against Pinochet
26.3.99 The Guardian Straw turns to top QC in Pinochet hearing
26.3.99 The Daily Telegraph Pinochet told he will be home in months
25.3.99 BBC Online Straw considers Pinochet case
25.3.99 The Daily Telegraph Law lords verdict on Gen Pinochet puts the ball back in Straw's court
25.3.99 The Daily Telegraph How the legal arguments changed course
25.3.99 The Guardian Lords rule torture is extradition crime
25.3.99 The Times Law Report: Convention overrides state immunity
21.3.99 The Sunday Times Pinochet team to question visit by Straw to Chile
11.3.99 BBC Online Bid to try Pinochet in UK fails
26.2.99 The Times Law lords' log-jam delays key rulings
5.2.99 The Guardian Lords reserve Pinochet ruling
4.2.99 BBC Online Pinochet hearing closes
2.2.99 BBC Online Torture treaty 'too late to prosecute Pinochet'
2.2.99 The Guardian Chile's position on torture represents 'remarkable contradiction in international law'
27.1.99 BBC Online Pinochet 'tortures not crimes against humanity'
27.1.99 The Guardian Torture is not an international crime, say Pinochet defence
26.1.99 The Guardian Torture a state function - Pinochet defence
21.1.99 BBC Online Pinochet must go to Spain, says Amnesty
20.1.99 BBC Online Pinochet: The charge sheet
20.1.99 BBC Online Lawyers request Pinochet details
20.1.99 The Guardian Pinochet's future may hang on a date
19.1.99 BBC Online Pinochet 'crimes committed before appointment'
18.1.99 BBC Online Pinochet 'personally liable'
13.1.99 BBC Online Preliminary hearing for Pinochet
13.1.99 BBC Online Law Lords decide on Pinochet procedure
12.1.99 BBC Online Seven Law Lords hold key to Pinochet's fate
12.1.99 BBC Online Spanish judge to attend Pinochet hearing
10.12.98 BBC Online Pinochet makes historic Lords appeal
10.12.98 BBC Online Spanish judge details Pinochet charges
26.11.98 The Times Law Report: Torture no part of head of state's function
29.10.98 The Guardian Pinochet wins his High Court battle . 'He may be responsible for 4,000 deaths, but he isn't going to be put on trial here'
18.10.98 The Observer Pinochet arrested in London
25.3.97 The Times How courts condone torture . 'Geoffrey Bindman reports on the Act that failed a British citizen'



9.3.00 BBC Online Pinochet awarded 'Oscar'
6.3.00 The Independent Chile president furious at parade of top military at Pinochet arrival . 'Mr Lagos ... vowed "to show the world that here we are a democratic country, where the authority elected by the people rules, and where the armed forces are disciplined and obedient".'
4.3.00 BBC Online Thousands march against Pinochet
3.3.00 BBC Online Pinochet in the Spanish and Chilean media
15.2.00 BBC Online Clashes after Pinochet ruling
23.1.00 The Observer Coup ghosts wait for Pinochet . 'Britain's detention of the ex-tyrant has changed the way Chileans see him, giving hope of justice to the families of the dead.'
22.1.00 The Guardian Tension high for return of 'Mi General' . 'Supporters pray for Pinochet but families of the disappeared still hope to pursue him through the courts.'
12.1.00 The Guardian Enemies clamour for trial in Chile . 'Santiago General's foes lament 'terrible blow' as fans rejoice.'
18.10.99 The Daily Telegraph Anniversary carnival to mark arrest of Pinochet
16.10.99 The Guardian People find the confidence to face the truth but fear the general's last laugh
15.10.99 The Financial Times Detention of Pinochet 'aid' to democracy
10.10.99 The Independent on Sunday Chile's future hangs on the general's fate
8.10.99 BBC Online Cheers and tears in Chile and Spain
18.9.99 The Guardian Chile warns of Pinochet reprisals
12.9.99 The Sunday Times Pilgrims fly in to celebrate coup with Pinochet
5.8.99 The Times Pinochet boost from Allende
25.7.99 The Sunday Telegraph Pinochet's interview starts storm in Chile
1.7.99 BBC Online Cut ties with UK: Chile businessman
22.5.99 BBC Online Fists fly over Pinochet
25.3.99 BBC Online Chilean president applauds Pinochet ruling
25.3.99 The Guardian Chile: Calm in all heartfelt quarters
23.3.99 The Daily Telegraph Pinochet's son hints at apology for abuses
23.3.99 The Times Falklands cut off in Pinochet protest
5.3.99 The Daily Telegraph Chile's top judge warns law lords
26.1.99 The Guardian Pinochet defence cash 'comes from the working class'
6.1.99 BBC Online Pinochet supporters set up cash hotline
1.12.98 BBC Online Lords verdict sparks debate in Chile
28.11.98  BBC Online Chile promises legal action on Pinochet
26.11.98 BBC Online President Frei pleas for calm
26.11.98 The Times Troops called out as divided Chileans clash . 'Pinochet judgment: The Lords' decision has given courage to relatives of those who disappeared'
23.10.98 BBC Online Calls for Pinochet's release
22.10.98 BBC Online Chilean president appeals for calm
20.10.98 The Daily Telegraph Crisis deepens the divide in Chile


5.12.00 The Times Lamont accepts Pinochet honour
5.3.00 The Sunday Times Thatcher gift to Pinochet celebrates sinking of Spaniards
3.3.00 The Independent How a 'fat fish' finally slipped through the net . 'Pointing, he said to his bodyguards: "Look, fat fish". It was a particularly cruel private joke.'
2.3.00 BBC Online Tories welcome Pinochet decision
2.3.00 BBC Online Anger at 'unjust' Pinochet ruling
12.1.00 BBC Online Uproar over Pinochet statement
31.10.99 The Sunday Times Carey pleads for Pinochet to be released
25.10.99 The Daily Telegraph Chile should do more for Pinochet, says Lamont
10.10.99 The Observer Pinochet allies turn on Chile
8.10.99 BBC Online Tory dismay over Pinochet ruling
7.10.99 The Guardian Pinochet kidnapped, says Thatcher . 'Former PM's staunch defence of Chilean dictator steals the show for the second day running at conference's biggest fringe event'
7.10.99 The Daily Telegraph Thatcher condemns 'kidnap' of Pinochet
7.10.99 The Times Pinochet arrest 'unjust'
6.10.99 BBC Online Thatcher pleads Pinochet's case
3.10.99 The Sunday Telegraph Thatcher will break silence at conference
27.9.99 BBC Online Noisy protests greet Pinochet hearing
17.9.99 The Financial Times Thatcher to push claim
15.9.99 BBC Online Pinochet regrets violence
11.9.99 BBC Online Pinochet coup remembered
23.7.99 The Guardian Does this man look like a dictator? 'He reads about his hero Napoleon and watches Jean Claude Van Damme videos. Sometimes he races remote control cars with his grandchildren. Christina Lamb spends a sunny afternoon in Surrey with the man who considers himself Britain's only political prisoner'
19.7.99 The Daily Telegraph Getting to know the General . 'In this world-exclusive interview, the first since his arrest nine months ago, General Augusto Pinochet talks to Dominic Lawson about his life and trials'
7.7.99 The Daily Telegraph Thatcher attacks ministers over 'friend' Pinochet
6.7.99 BBC Online Thatcher lambasts Pinochet arrest
27.6.99 The Observer Thatcher fears war crimes arrest
15.4.99 BBC Online Thatcher condemns 'vindictive' Straw
27.3.99 The Independent Adoringly, the Lady praised him for bringing democracy to Chile
26.3.99 BBC Online Thatcher stands by Pinochet 
26.3.99 The Guardian Thatcher visits her old friend Pinochet . 'The former prime minister thanked the former dictator for his help in the Falklands and praised him for bringing democracy to Chile'
24.3.99 BBC Online 'A lesson for the world'
24.3.99 BBC Online Thatcher: Send Pinochet home
23.3.99 The Guardian Two sides line up for action after Pinochet ruling . 'Nick Hopkins reports on groups on both sides of the divide, and how they will react to the law lords'
1.2.99 The Guardian 30,000 back extradition as Pinochet hearing continues
22.1.99 The Daily Telegraph 250 Chileans join Tory supporters in PR campaign
17.1.99 BBC Online Protest against Pinochet
17.1.99 The Observer Look who's coming to the rescue of Augusto
17.1.99 The Sunday Telegraph Pinochet rivals square up for PR campaigns
9.12.99 BBC Online Pinochet reaction splits on party lines 
30.11.98 BBC Online Labour MPs demand Pinochet's extradition
25.10.98 BBC Online Pinochet row escalates
22.10.98 BBC Online Pinochet - Thatcher's ally
20.10.98 BBC Online Campaigners push for Pinochet trial


3.3.00 The Guardian Britain scorned as easy haven for criminals
22.9.99 The Guardian Going cold on it . Pinochet's London extradition hearing is about to start. But his Spanish pursuers are no longer so keen
25.3.99 The Guardian Spain: Clamour for prosecution
20.2.99 The Guardian Shock at Pope's Pinochet plea
20.2.99 The Daily Telegraph Vatican in clash over Pinochet
20.2.99 The Daily Telegraph 20-year crusade to bring about reconciliation
19.2.99 BBC Online Pinochet letter 'not from Pope'


The Guardian
Kissinger testimony pleas refused
The Independent
Kissinger faces UK questioning over dictators' network
The Independent
Writs and demos over Chile coup hound Kissinger
The Guardian
Kissinger may face Chilean court over coup killing
The New York Times
For Chilean Coup, Kissinger Is Numbered Among the Hunted
12.9.01 The Guardian Kissinger sued over Chile death
6.7.01 The Guardian Chileans call on Kissinger for answers about killing . 'Judge reopens case of US writer murdered during Pinochet coup.'
29.5.01 BBC Online US bars Kissinger in Pinochet probe
6.3.01 The New York Times New Files Tie U.S. to Deaths of Latin Leftists in 1970's
20.11.00 The Guardian US agencies paid millions to prop up Pinochet
19.11.00 The Washington Post Files Raise Questions On Journalist's Death
14.11.00 The Washington Post Documents Link Chile's Pinochet to Letelier Murder
20.9.00 The Washington Post CIA Had Covert Tie To Letelier Plotter . 'The CIA maintained relations with and made a one-time cash payment in the mid-1970s to a top Chilean intelligence official, Manuel Contreras, even though he was considered one of the country's major human rights violators, according to a new CIA report on covert agency operations in Chile.'
28.5.00 The Washington Post Pinochet Probers Tout New Evidence
24.3.00 The Miami Herald Affidavit links Pinochet to car bomb assassination
23.3.00 The Washington Post U.S. Probe Of Pinochet Reopened
17.2.00 The Times FBI may extradite Pinochet officials
14.2.00 The Guardian Pinochet may have had CIA go-ahead to kill two Americans, documents show
9.12.99 BBC Online FBI renews Pinochet probe
3.12.99 The Washington Post CIA's Chile Coup: Document Demand Eased
24.10.99 The Washington Post Still Hidden: A Full Record Of What the U.S. Did in Chile . By Peter Kornbluh
11.10.99 The Guardian Files show Chilean blood on US hands . 'Clinton accused of protecting darkest of the CIA's secrets'
9.10.99 The Independent US implicated in 'Missing' death
9.10.99 The Washington Post CIA May Have Role in Journalist's Murder
7.10.99 The Washington Post CIA Accused of 'Whitewash' on Pinochet . 'Document Release to Exclude Papers on Agency's Role in '73 Coup, Activists Told'
1.7.99 The Guardian How Pentagon was forced to admit the truth . 'A flood of information about human rights abuses in Pinochet's Chile is about to pour on to the web'
1.7.99 The Guardian CIA files on Pinochet released
1.7.99 BBC Online US releases secret Pinochet files
29.6.99 The Guardian Chile to hear truth on CIA links to junta . 'Thousands of previously secret files will be published tomorrow'
12.4.99 The Times Bush backs Pinochet freedom campaign
4.4.99 The Sunday Telegraph Kissinger joins call to release Pinochet
28.2.99 The Observer Kissinger covered up Chile torture
9.1.99 The Guardian US considers trying Pinochet for car bombing.
8.1.99 BBC Online Pinochet could face US trial
4.12.98 BBC Online Albright: 'We made terrible mistakes'
1.12.98 BBC Online Pinochet: the US connection
30.11.98 BBC Online Straw 'under pressure from US'
8.11.98 The Observer Inside corporate America . 'Marxist threat to cola sales? Pepsi demands a US coup. Goodbye Allende. Hello Pinochet'


The Financial Times
Pinochet cloud over Straw's Chilean defence contracts push
28.12.00 The Financial Times Lockheed Martin wins deal
1.7.99 The Independent Britain 'backed arms deal after Pinochet coup'
15.12.98 BBC Online Defence deals doubt over Pinochet row
9.12.98 BBC Online Pinochet saga bad for business
1.11.98 The Sunday Telegraph Pinochet was invited to Britain as guest of MoD
24.10.98 The Daily Telegraph How smiles masked Chile's real ambitions


Legal proceedings

6.1.05 The Independent Five years on, will Pinochet finally be brought to justice in his native Chile?
21.12.04 BBC Online Pinochet 'mentally fit' for trial. 'Mr Guzman implied Mr Straw was either taken in by Gen Pinochet or had tired of the 18-month battle over the former dictator when he finally decided to release him without charge. "Mr Straw was fooled or he was 'practical'," Mr Guzman said, laughing.'
12.12.04 The Observer
Family press Chile for body of tortured priest
1.12.04 BBC Online Chile navy admits torture on ship. 'The Chilean navy has acknowledged for the first time that torture took place on one of its training ships shortly after the military coup in 1973.'
26.8.04 BBC Online Chile strips Pinochet of immunity. 'Chile's Supreme Court has ruled that the country's former military ruler, Augusto Pinochet, should be stripped of immunity from prosecution.'
BBC Online
Chile drops Pinochet trial
10.7.01 The Guardian Pinochet mentally unfit to face trial
19.6.01 BBC Online Prosecutors urge Pinochet trial
9.3.01 The Independent Pinochet escapes murder charges over Chile's Caravan of Death
13.2.01 BBC Online Chile court hears Pinochet appeal
12.2.01 BBC Online Chilean general denies torture
9.2.01 The Daily Telegraph Document 'proves Pinochet is guilty'
30.1.01 The New York Times Judge Reinstates Pinochet Case With New Order for House Arrest
25.1.01 BBC Online Pinochet denies charges . 'Official transcript of the interrogation, signed by both parties.'
10.1.01 The Guardian Pinochet agrees to health tests
6.1.01 The Guardian Pinochet refuses health tests
27.12.00 Los Angeles Times Pinochet Must Have Mental Tests Before Any Interrogation, Court Rules
21.12.00 The Guardian Pinochet ordered to face his nemesis
11.12.00 BBC Online Court blocks Pinochet arrest
3.12.00 BBC Online Army to call for Pinochet talks
3.12.00 The Independent on Sunday Pinochet's lawyers try to block arrest warrant
3.12.00 The Observer Death lists hold key to Pinochet fate . 'The former dictator's supporters were caught off guard by a judge's decision to act alone, reports Hugh O'Shaughnessy in Santiago.'
2.12.00 Los Angeles Times Pinochet Ordered to Trial for Kidnapping
1.12.00 BBC Online Pinochet charged with kidnapping
21.11.00 BBC Online Chilean agent convicted over Prats' killing
10.11.00 The Guardian Pinochet confined to Chile . 'Court bars general from leaving country after extradition request.'
21.8.00 BBC Online Pinochet given interrogation date
9.8.00 The Independent Chilean supreme court opens door to Pinochet trial
9.8.00 The Times Chile's top court strips Pinochet of immunity from trial . 'Government sources have said... that his release from Britain was part of a trade-off, reached when President Lagos's Government committed itself to backing a trial.'
16.7.00 The Observer Pinochet case lawyer escapes death in mystery car crash . 'Supreme Court decision on ex-dictator's parliamentary immunity is postponed after human rights leader's 'accident'.'
25.5.00 The Independent Pinochet to appeal after court removes immunity
22.5.00 The Financial Times Pinochet shadow hangs over Chile
10.5.00 The Independent Pinochet's mind is healthy, say Chilean doctors
28.4.00 The Guardian Clashes in Chile . 'Rival protesters fight as court begins to decide Pinochet's fate.'
22.4.00 The Guardian Chile faces moment of truth with hearing to seal off Pinochet's escape route
7.4.00 The Financial Times Court to hear Pinochet illness case
27.3.00 The Independent Pinochet awarded criminal immunity in Chile
9.3.00 BBC Online Chile's most famous judge
9.3.00 The Times Chile prepares to take up Pinochet cases . 'Spanish doctors yesterday condemned the medical report on which Jack Straw, the Home Secretary, based his decision to send General Pinochet back to Chile as "absurd, surreal, incoherent and untrustworthy".'
21.2.00 Human Rights Watch New Obstacle to Pinochet Prosecution . 'Hurried change to Chile's constitution condemned.'
13.2.00 The Independent on Sunday New Chilean law could let Pinochet off
29.1.00 BBC Online Ex-prisoners accuse Pinochet of torture
22.1.00 The Daily Telegraph Jailed police chief holds the key to Pinochet secrets . 'Contreras said: "I constantly informed the president of the republic of any activity or event that arose, at the moment of its occurrence as well as daily. Only he... could arrange and order the missions that were executed, and always... I carried out strictly that which I was ordered to do."'
16.9.99 The Guardian Pinochet ally arrested for 1982 murder
15.9.99 BBC Online Pinochet ally in murder trial
23.8.99 The Guardian Chile opens first talks on fate of the 'disappeared'
23.7.99 The Independent Pinochet's generals fail in attempt to avoid trial
22.7.99 The Financial Times Retired officers to face kidnap trial
10.6.99 The Guardian Chilean 'death squad chief' faces arrest . 'Army suspected of hiding retired general.'

Recent history

5.3.00 The Independent on Sunday 'Loyal' general had fooled Allende, too . 'If Pinochet really has been pulling the wool over everybody's eyes, it is not for the first time. He has a long track record of concealing his true nature and intentions beneath a disarmingly straightforward exterior.'
22.11.99 Los Angeles Times Pinochet: Lies Hid Behind Shades . 'A new book compiling interviews by Maria Eugenia Oyarzun, a Chilean journalist close to the retired general.'
15.1.99 The Guardian Chile under Pinochet - a chronology
9.12.98 BBC Online Pinochet profile: Saviour - or tyrant
19.10.98 The Daily Telegraph Son of a clerk who became the strong-man of South America
9.3.98 BBC Online Pinochet's rule - repression and economic success
9.3.98 BBC Online Pinochet's legacy: reform and apathy


12.11.04 BBC Online Daughter rues Pinochet-era abuses. 'The eldest daughter of Chile's former military ruler has said the use of torture during his 1973-90 regime was "barbaric and without justification".'
10.11.04 BBC Online Chile's torture report finalised
10.12.00 The Observer Revealed: Pinochet drug smuggling link
25.11.00 BBC Online Pinochet admits responsibility
2.5.00 The Times Obituary: Raúl Rettig , 'Chilean lawyer who confirmed what the world already suspected - that General Pinochet's regime was responsible for 'the disappeared' He died in Santiago on April 30 aged 91.'
12.3.00 BBC Online Chile's new leader regrets coup 'tragedy'
5.2.00 The Financial Times Censorship comes under the spotlight
17.1.00 The Washington Post Chilean Socialist Defeats Ex-Ally of Pinochet
2.10.99 The Guardian Gustavo Leigh . 'A key plotter of the Chilean coup, he ordered the bombing of the Moneda palace but later fell out with Pinochet'
13.9.99 The Guardian Two die in Chile as clashes mark coup anniversary
12.9.99 BBC Online Protests mark Chilean coup anniversary
6.8.99 BBC Online Chile aid for Indians 'inadequate'
7.7.99 The Guardian Sola Sierra . 'She fought for justice for her husband and other 'disappeared ones' in Chile'
6.7.99 The Times Obituary: Sola Sierra , 'Chilean human rights activist, died on July 1 aged 63. She was born in January 1936'
2.7.99 BBC Online Chilean campaigner dies
17.6.99 BBC Online Publishers of Chile corruption book arrested
29.4.99 BBC Online Mapuche Indians occupy estates
12.4.99 The Times Obituary: Cardinal Raúl Silva Henríquez , former Archbishop of Santiago, died on April 9 aged 91. He was born in Santiago on September 27, 1907
10.4.99 BBC Online Chile mourns Cardinal Henriquez


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