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The Independent, 31.1.00

The executions for which general may never be held accountable. By Elizabeth Nash

If Jack Straw frees Augusto Pinochet, 34 victims whose torture formed the basis for the application for extradition to Spain may never obtain justice.

The law lords ruled that only these cases, which occurred after 8 December 1988, could be considered when granting extradition. On that date Britain signed the International Convention of Torture, making such offences extraditable, wherever committed.

General Pinochet may never be held accountable for the following crimes:

Wilson Fernando Valdebenito Juica, 28, was killed 15 December 1988 by electric shocks.

Juan Fuentes Sepulveda, detained 16 December 1988, was blindfolded and beaten into making a false confession.

Dolores Paz Cautivo Ahumada, detained 31 December 1988, was hooded and beaten.

Pedro Alberto Ciudad Palma, arrested 27 March 1989, was beaten, subjected to electric currents to genitals and anus.

Hector Washington Maturanza Urza, detained 11 April 1989, was tortured with electric current, clubbed, half-drowned.

Pablo Andres Parada Apablaza, detained 18 April 1989. Subjected to mock execution, electrocuted in penis.

Claudio Tapia Orellano, tortured in detention 18 April 1989. Subjected to Russian roulette.

Lincoyan Nery Caceres Pena, 61, died in hospital 7 May 1989 three days after receiving blows that left him in coma.

Claudio Torrealba Torrealba, was subjected to electric shocks to genitals and beaten all over his body at a police station on 18 May 1989.

Hernan Sepulveda Pertner had two operations after torture at police station but died later.

Marcos Quezada Yanez, 17, picked up 24 June 1989, was subjected to electric shocks that killed him.

Manuel Antionio Arriaga Canales, detained 8 July 1989. Beaten, had electric current applied to genitals and temple while under interrogation.

Edmundo Meza Schaffer, seized in July 1989. Hung from ceiling, soaked, subjected to electric shocks. Was beaten until confessed.

Jorge Alejandro Escobar Diaz, detained 16 July 1989, beaten and subjected to electric shocks. Was beaten around the ears, causing otitis.

Marcos Antonio Mardones Villaroel, detained 16 July 1989, beaten and subjected to electric shocks. Lighted cigarettes were applied to chest and between legs.

Guillermo Salvador Calderon Leiva, detained 19 July 1989, beaten. His testicles were soaked with a wet cloth and and electric current applied.

Jessica Antonia Liberona Ninoles, seized 21 August 1989. Interrogated for five days, in which she was kept naked and kept awake. Captors threatened to take her daughter from school if she did not talk.

Hilda Oriana Alvarado Jara, detained on 20 August 1989. Was stripped and stretched on bed with head in a sheet, obstructing her breathing. Captors threatened her with death, saying their weapons were ready to fire at any moment.

Andrea Fabiola Oyarzun Alvarado, Hilda's daughter, was also interrogated, beaten and subjected to death threats. The women were stripped and kept in cells full of excreta and urine for five days.

Luis Orlando Vargas Miranda, 58, seized 22 August 1989 and taken to a fifth-floor flat, where he was questioned. Fearing torture, he threw himself from a window and died.

Julio Enrique Gerding Salas, detained 28 August 1989. Was beaten about the head and suffered electric-shock torture.

Jorge Muzz Fernandez, detained 30 August 1989 and tortured for 11 days.

Avelino Villarroel Munoz, detained 1 September 1989, suffered beatings, electric shocks.

Victor Alfredo Diaz Gonzalez, detained 24 September 1989. Police held his head in a bag, which almost asphyxiated him.

Leonor Clara Esponoza Parra, seized 18 October 1989. Was denied sleep and food for eight days and threatened with electric shocks.

Patricia Irrazaval, detained 27 October 1989. Was beaten, forced to stand for 49 hours without food or water.

Marcos Ariel Antonioletti Ruiz, detained 26 October 1989, beaten and subject to electric shocks, drugged and forced to stand with one hand held up for seven days. Sent to prison, where, on 16 November 1990 a policeman shot him dead.

Hector Raul Irrazabal Moya, detained 27 October 1989, was suspended by wrists, with feet barely touching the floor. Was held for 10 days.

Marcos Paulsen Figueroa, detained 27 October 1989, was subjected to the "telephone" - having his ears clapped - and threatened with death.

Andrea Paulsen Figueroa, detained 28 October 1989 with her sister Giselle. Denied water, food and sleep and threatened that her five-year old son would be tortured.

Claudio Varela Moya, detained 10 November 1989, beaten, kicked, subjected to severe electric-shock torture.

Marco Arturo Garay Vergara, detained 1 September 1989, beaten in testicles, kidneys, neck and legs.

Luis Leyton Chamorro, detained 5 December 1980, subjected to electric shocks.

Marcelo Samuel Gutierrez Hernandez, detained 21 December 1989, was suspended by knees and elbows from a rail and kept like this for several hours.

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